The Achilles Heel of Wellness

Three kids sitting at a table in a pie eating contest with their hands behind their backs and pie on their faces. One is face down in the plate and the other two are looking at him.
Abigail Miller, Unsplash

Many of us exercise regularly and generally eat well. However we are often frustrated by a lack of progress toward our health and fitness goals.

If you are like me, the persistent weakness in your effort towards better health is simple:

Pie Hole Management

Our ability to master what we…

Maintaining Fitness as We Age

Senior couple in short sleeved shirts standing next to each other in a yoga pose with their hands together as in prayer.
Source: Marcus Aurelius,

I’m nursing a forearm injury (how random is that?) from overdoing it in my free weight exercise routine. I’ve never given much thought to my forearms much less been concerned that they would get injured.

What this experience brought to mind is the fact that…

Joel Ombry

Trying to figure it out by writing it down. Interested in politics, health and fitness, writing and personal development.

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