And how we can help him (and the country)

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Donald Trump is very likely mentally ill.

I don’t think this is a controversial statement to most people. The former president has long been described (if not formally diagnosed) by psychologists as likely having Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Dr. Jerrold Post, who founded the CIA’s Center for the Analysis of…

Get ready for a high tempo combination of pandemic failure and culture war while flooding the zone with s***

A drawing depicting a military pincer attack with unit symbols and graphics.

There are at least two critical elements to consider when formulating a military strategy.

  1. Your strengths and weakness, both absolute and relative to your opponent.
  2. A clear objective that, if secured, will ensure victory.

Military strategy and these two elements can also provide a useful frame for thinking about the…

How an obscure interdisciplinary field holds the key to understanding our times

A man and a woman sitting in chairs facing each other in front of a window.

“How can they think that way?” “Can’t they see what is going on?”

These thoughts may cross your mind scrolling through the news in our current political environment.

Another person, who believes that a secret global cabal of elites is stealing children for sex trafficking and JFK Jr. will soon…

The dilemma of moving beyond the basic formula

A woman with short brown hair, in a brown jacket, standing in front of a chalk board with formulas on it with her arms crossed.

I’ve been writing more consistently on Medium for almost two months now and I think I’ve figured out the basic formula:

  • Write consistently
  • Focus on a niche
  • Interact consistently with readers and other writers
  • Employ various content and formatting techniques like catchy headlines, nice pictures, short paragraphs, bullets and bolded…

We’re reaching the lowest rung of self-government

A hand holding a gavel about to strike a wooden disc.

What former President Trump and some Republicans understand is that you can’t make them do anything with words. Unless they are physically forced to do something they can simply refuse.

The corollary to that is that they cannot be prevented from doing something with just words. Unless they are physically…

The surprising, hopeful finding about our acrimonious division

I began writing this two-part series on empathy in politics with two discussions in mind, both based on the same underlying assumption. The first focused on the role of empathy in public policy and the second was its role in our acrimonious debate.

The underlying assumption for both discussions was…

Joel Ombry

Trying to figure it out by writing it down. Interested in politics, health and fitness, writing and personal development.

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