What if Biden and Harris Switched Places?

Would this political jujitsu ensure a Democratic victory in 2024

Joel Ombry
5 min readNov 22, 2023
Image source: commons.wikimedia.org, Public Domain

As the 2024 presidential campaign heats up, President Biden and former President Trump are the presumptive nominees of their political parties.

Each candidate has their detractors for various reasons. Biden is thought to be too old and suffering from declining physical and mental health. Trump…well…the reasons should be pretty damn obvious to all sentient beings. Let’s just say he poses an existential threat to America and the world and call it good.

Yet, remarkably, recent polls have Trump leading Biden in multiple swing states. Several factors may play into this data.

  • As I said, many view Biden as too old for a second term.
  • Despite good economic data, many Americans see the economy as poor. Naturally, the current administration gets some of the blame for that.
  • Biden is taking a political risk with his unwavering support of Israel in its war with Hamas. Some in his progressive base are very critical of Israel’s brutal tactics and thus criticize the administration for this position.
  • Trump supporters are cult-like in their devotion. Fox News poisons the media landscape with right-wing propaganda, and the Republican…



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