Yea, Biden is Old…But He’s Doing the Job

And doing it pretty well

Joel Ombry


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There’s a lot of handwringing among liberals and Democrats about polling that indicates many Americans consider President Biden too old to be president.

Similar concerns were raised in 2020. During an interview with the New York Times’ editorial staff, candidate Biden was asked about this issue and responded prophetically, “watch me.”

Too much of modern journalism is comprised not of what is happening, but speculation about what could or might happen. A certain amount of this is probably a good thing, but in the case of Biden’s age, it may have gone too far. Unlike with candidate Biden, we now have a pretty good idea of how age is affecting Biden’s ability to do the job of president. And it doesn’t appear to limit him much.

Consider what he has faced since taking office:

  • An economy cratered from COVID shutdowns
  • A political system reeling from the trauma of the January 6th insurrection
  • The largest conflict in Europe since World War II
  • The largest terrorist attack since 9/11 resulting in the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust and a new war in the Middle East
  • An opposition party that has crossed over into anti-democratic authoritarianism

In response, during Biden’s first term we’ve seen:

  • Economic growth and historically low unemployment ahead of most industrialized nations
  • High inflation, but not as severe in other industrialized countries
  • The highest investments in infrastructure, technology, and the environment in a generation (with a very slim majority in Congress)
  • International leadership that has unified the EU and NATO against Russia and is currently supporting Israel, getting humanitarian aid to Gaza, and keeping the conflict contained (so far).

Not bad for an old guy.

Yes, but…

I know. The key question, which is a legitimate one, is whether Biden can continue to do the job in the future. My view right now is a qualified yes. I have no expertise in age-related cognitive decline, but Biden…



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